Diagnosis for FSC Certification

During the first half of 2017, Carbono Engenharia carried out the environmental diagnosis of the group of birds, mammals and plants present in the Forest Management Units (FMU) administered by RMS do Brasil. The diagnosis was made in compliance with the principles and criteria of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification, which certificate guarantees the best practices of RMS Forest Management.

RMS do Brasil administration of Florestas LTDA is a manager of forest assets with extensive experience in all phases of institutional investment in planted forests, currently accounting for over US$ 4.5 billion asset under management. In Brazil, the RMS Forest Management Units have a total area of 50,257 hectares, of which 56% is destined for environmental preservation.

The main results of the diagnosis indicated that the FMUs of the companies administered by RMS do Brasil harbor enormous biodiversity in their natural areas, with more than 360 plant species, 270 bird species and a potential occurrence of more than 150 species of mammals. Among these species, some are currently threatened with extinction due to the constant reduction of forest remnants of the Atlantic and cerrado forest biome, and found in the preserved areas of RMS FMU a suitable place for their stay. Thus, RMS FMUs, in addition to their forest production, guarantee appropriate areas to shelter and protect these species, a socio-environmental commitment ratified by the FSC.

The diagnosis has also become an important analysis tool for the establishment of continuous monitoring of the FMU biodiversity, which is the next step to be taken by RMS do Brasil. With the monitoring, we intend to know better about the use of the FMU areas by the species found, especially those threatened with extinction, and with that, to improve the Forest Management to provide better conditions for the reproduction and increase of these species.

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